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Against a backdrop of ongoing internationalisation, MITANNI Abogados y Economistas maintains contact with benchmark firms in major countries, which enables us to accompany our clients with their investments and business overseas with the security of backing from the right associates.First theory: Mitanni was already a powerful kingdom at the end of the 17th century or in the first half of the 16th century BC, and its beginnings are from before the time of Thutmose Iso dated to the time of the Hittite sovereigns Hattusili I and Mursili I[1] when the middle chronology is applied.

Second theory: Mitanni came to be due to a political vacuum in Syria, which had been created first through the destruction of the kingdom of Yamhad by the Hittites and then through the inability of Hatti to maintain control of the region during the period following the death of Mursili I. If the second hypothesis is considered, Mitanni c. While the Mitanni kings and other members of royalty bore names resembling Indo-Aryan phonology[4] they used the language of the local people, which was at that time a non- Indo-European language, Hurrian.

Their sphere of influence is shown in Hurrian place names, personal names and the spread through Syria and the Levant of a distinct pottery type. At least since around BCE, in the beginning of Late Bronze age, Painted Nuzi Ware was identified as a characteristic pottery in Mitanni sites, [12] the origin of this decorated pottery is an unsolved question, but a possible previous development as Aegean Kamares Ware has been suggested by Pecoreliaand S. Soldi claims that Tell Brak was one of the first centers specializing in the production of this Painted Nuzi Wareand analyses on samples support the assumption that it was produced locally in various centers throughout the Mitanni kingdom, it was particularly appreciated in the Jazira Regionbut appears only sporadically in western Syrian cities such as Alalakh and Ugarit.

At the beginning of its history, Mitanni's major rival was Egypt under the Thutmosids. However, with the ascent of the Hittite EmpireMitanni and Egypt struck an alliance to protect their mutual interests from the threat of Hittite domination. At the height of its power, during the 15th and the first half of 14th century BCE, a large region from North-West Syria to the Eastern Tigris was under Mitanni's control.

The Mitanni controlled trade routes down the Khabur to Mari and up the Euphrates from there to Carchemish. For a time they also controlled the Assyrian territories of the upper Tigris and its headwaters at NinevehErbilAssur and Nuzi.

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Their allies included Kizuwatna in southeastern Anatolia ; Mukish, which stretched between Ugarit and Quatna west of the Orontes to the sea; and the Niyawhich controlled the east bank of the Orontes from Alalah down through AleppoEbla and Hama to Qatna and Kadesh. To the east, they had good relations with the Kassites. In the south, it extended from Aleppo across Nuhasse to Mari on the Euphrates in the east. Its centre was in the Khabur River valley, with two capitals: Taite and Washukannicalled Taidu and Ussukana respectively in Assyrian sources.

Washukanni was located in Tell Fekheriye as recent German archaeological excavations suggest. It is very similar to Assyria in climate, and was settled by both indigenous Hurrian and Amoritic -speaking Amurru populations. The different names seem to have referred to the same kingdom and were used interchangeably, according to Michael C. Tushratta, who styles himself "king of Mitanni" in his Akkadian Amarna lettersrefers to his kingdom as Hanigalbat.

The earliest attestation of the term Hanigalbat can be read in Akkadian within the "Annals of Hattusili I " c.Mitanni was a state that existed between the 16th and 13th centuries BC. This state occupied the land of the Hurrians.

This area is located in the upper Tigris-Euphrates basin, and corresponds today with northern Iraq, Syria, and southeastern Turkey. It has been suggested that the rise of Mitanni occurred during the time when the Old Babylonian Empire was in decline. The weakening of the latter provided an opportunity for the former to expand its borders. Alternatively, some have said that the Hittite destruction of Alep Aleppo and its sack of Babylon allowed new states to emerge in the region, including Mitanni.

Nonetheless, little is known about the early kings of Mitanni. However, thanks to correspondence with foreign powers, the names of these early Mitanni rulers have been preserved. Around the end of the 16th century BC, Mitanni which was then under the rule of Parattarna took control of Alep, an important Syrian city located halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Euphrates River.

The presence of Mitanni in Syria would bring it into conflict with another ancient superpower - Egypt, whose pharaohs, most notably Thutmose III, were also interested in controlling this region.

Famous Battle of Megiddo. When the Egyptians reached the Euphrates, they built ships, and ravaged towns belonging to Mitanni that were located on the riverbanks from Carchemish to Emar.

Whilst the further expansion of Mitanni into Syria was checked for the time being, the Egyptians were not able to gain control of the Syrian interior.

Moreover, the power of Mitanni was growing in the east. It was also shortly after this that friendly relations were established between Egypt and Mitanni. Thutmosis IV wearing the khepresh, Musee du Louvre. During the middle of the 14th century BC, Mitanni was at its height of power, and friendly relations with Egypt were maintained. These relations can be seen, for instance, in the one of the Amarna Letters sent from the Mitannian king to the Egyptian pharaoh.

It has been speculated by some that Tadu-Heba and the famed Nefertiti are actually one and the same person. Despite the cordiality between these two powers, the alliance between Mitanni and Egypt would soon disintegrate with a power struggle that broke out in Mitanni during the reign of Tushratta.

Whilst Tushratta was supported by the Egyptians, his rival, Artatama II, who was a relative of the previous king, Shuttarna, was backed by the Hittites. The Egyptians, however, became wary of the growing power of the Hittites, and decided to withdraw support for their ally. This allowed the Hittite king, Suppiluliuma to do as he pleased without fear of retribution from Egypt.Hurrilaisia johti noin — eaa.

Sen tuhoksi koituivat vallanperimysriidat. Hurrilaisia saapui Khaburin ja Belikhin alueelle [2] noin — eaa. Mitanni soti Egyptin kanssa luvulla eaa. Yamhadin eli Aleppon. Joskus eaa.

MITANNI Abogados y Economistas

Mitannissa vallitsi hyvinvointi. Kanaanilaiset nousivat kapinaan, ja eaa. Amenhotep II taisteli Mitannia vastaan eaa. Vuonna eaa. Karkemish kukistui. Assyria alisti Mitannin vasallikseen noin eaa. Assyriassa oli Babylonin kassiittien aiheuttamia vaikeuksia. Adad-Nirari voitti Shattuaran, joka vannoi vasallivalan. Noin eaa. Assyrian kuningas Tukulti-Ninurta I — eaa.

Noin — eaa. Assyrian hallintokeskus Tell Sabi Abyad tuhottiin. Muinainen Mesopotamia. Eufrat — Tigris Assyriologia. Imperiumit ja kaupungit. Sumerilainen kuningasluettelo Assyrian kuninkaat Babylonian kuninkaat. Taide — Kirjallisuus — Musiikki Babylonialaiset numerot Hammurabin laki. Viitattu 4.

mitanni australia unit number

Piilotetut luokat: Korjattavat Seulonnan keskeiset artikkelit. Nimiavaruudet Artikkeli Keskustelu. Etusivu Tietoja Wikipediasta Kaikki sivut Satunnainen artikkeli. Lataa PDF-tiedostona Tulostettava versio. Wikimedia Commons. Shuttarna I. Artatama I.Please enable cookies in your browser settings to assure you will have a optimal experience.

Fortunately, the pronouncements of various storage experts about where all-flash storage will be in five years are far less gloomy. There is no doubt that all-flash is receiving market buy-in. So much so, that hybrid array sales are faltering and arrays made solely with hard disk drives (HDDs) are all but disappearing. Gartner analyst Valdis Filks believes that solid-state arrays (SSAs) will improve in performance by a factor of 10, and double in density and cost-effectiveness within the next year.

A Forgotten Empire: The Ancient Kingdom of Mitanni

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mitanni australia unit number

NVMe is a much-needed update to data transport mechanisms created in an era when Internet users were happy with 28k dial-up connections, This brings the communication channels around storage closer to the velocity of modern processors and flash architectures. NVMe also excites Jeff Boudreau, president, Dell EMC Storage Division.

He notes that although we are still in the early days of real NVMe usage in storage, it will become the industry standard in five years.

Storage class memory (SCM) is a general term that may include specific vendor offerings such as 3D XPoint, ZSSD and others. It is also referenced sometimes as persistent memory (PMEM). This memory technology promises to be 10 times denser and up to 1000 times faster than conventional flash.

Jeff Baxter, chief evangelist for ONTAP at NetApp, agrees that the new possibilities offered by SCM and NVMe are disrupting the market and fueling innovation. NetApp has been developing NVMe-over-Fabrics technology over existing 32 GB FC SAN infrastructure from Brocade directly to NetApp AFF all-flash arrays running the NetApp ONTAP data management system.

It has also introduced SCM technology as a cache directly within an AFF storage controller, providing three times the IOPS with the same release of ONTAP, same controller and same workload. These technological breakthroughs are the news of today. But in a few years, they will enter the mainstream. Users can expect to pay more for products containing SCM and other technologies for a while.

Eventually, however, they will become the norm. These will be based on server designs with intelligent storage software on top, and less on dedicated storage controller design.

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When Rob Commins, vice president of marketing at Tegile looks into the crystal ball, he sees one large shared memory pool as opposed to a shared storage pool. Eric Herzog, vice president of worldwide storage channels, IBM, concurs with other experts that we can expect NVMe and 3D XPoint to become increasingly more prevalent. He also called attention to recent discussions and presentations centered around RRAM as yet another wave of high performance, non-volatile storage media.

At the same time, he foresees flash moving down the food chain. Whereas disk or even tape is regarded as the best home for secondary storage currently, Herzog thinks flash will gradually take over large chunks of these markets. Perhaps there will be a price premium for the very latest flash technologies like SCM. But otherwise, the idea that all-flash arrays are more expensive than high-performance hard drive based systems is a myth, according to Herzog.

On cost per GB, he thinks they are on par. Once you factor in the extensive abilities for data reduction, they can be less expensive per GB. This will spur further development in the software and analytics fields. Boudreau pointed to machine learning as a key enabler. Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment. Now Javascript is disabled.Bezos missed the mark on this one, but he's not far off.

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Who were the Hurrians?

Please disable your ad blocker on CNBC and reload the page to start the video. Login Register Competing against other forecasters, you simply find a question you are interested in, make a forecast and add your reasoning for extra kudos.

There is something for everyone, from politics to finance, economics to technology.

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Not a penny, just some of your time and knowledge. But while the gains are in line with action seen in most of the market, social media suggests XRP may be gaining on bullish statements. Making the rounds is one report by Palm Beach Research Group, which suggests the analyst expects the cryptocurrency to outperform in 2018. Trading volumes on Bithumb, one of the largest exchanges in South Korea, have gone up by 45 percent in the last 24 hours.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. What will be the hottest sector of blockchain this fall.

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mitanni australia unit number

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